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Deborah Choma

Deborah Choma | Conference Speaker

POISE | POLISH | PRESENCE - Regardless of class or culture, manners are a non-verbal paradigm infusing respect and kindness through you to the individual. In essence, manners reflect courtesy and are the hands that open mulitple doors and influence numerous lives.

A professional presence is your global and local passport. It is a sensor for navigating life and feeling at ease in any situation.


CORPORATE TRAINER | CONFERENCE SPEAKER - Deborah Choma is an accomplished trainer whose polished, professional style is part of a broader philosophy developed over thirty-years of personal and business experience. Proper etiquette has been a way of life for Deborah with global experience that distinguishes her presenting style. Her global expertise has clearly defined her path to success in the areas of communication, image, and professional etiquette. With an eloquence that engages her audience, Deborah illustrates aspects of displaying one’s personal best through the various elements of Executive Presence Training. Ms. Choma is a conference speaker for one of the largest women’s conventions in North America and has valuable experience as a keynote speaker in the Chicagoland area. Her teaching style is warm, engaging, and diverse, yet relevant to young and old alike.



INSPIRE | INFLUENCE | IMPROVE - As a family-oriented wife and mother, her “family first” approach is at the heart of Deborah’s message. She actively serves in the community and her church, transferring skills through a self-developed program called ‘The Art of Confident Living.’ 

AUTHOR | ELOQUENCE - Deborah is a powerful presenter gifted with an ability to transform individuals through an executive presence program. She has a portfolio of formal training through the various elements of first impressions; 1999 International Hair Expo 1st place model; Entrepreneur, business owner; Author of an etiquette book due for publishing; 20,000-reader audience on her blog

Deborah Choma's Background

Deborah Choma's Experience

Corporate Trainer | Conference Speaker at Open Doors Institute

2005 - Present | Chicago

“The Open Doors Institute, is God’s call to a place where our passion and the World’s hunger meet.” Our Promise: This is a specific training facility for the entire North-West Indiana region. We have never offered workshops of this caliber or content in this area. The Lord has moved on my heart to open the doors of superior training and avail it to men and women on my home ground. Our Mission: "Instilling confidence and developing men and women, poised in any social situation, is the foundation of all our instruction.”

Account Executive at Estee Lauder Companies, Europe

December 2001 - December 2003 | Sydney, Australia

✔ Recruit, train, motivate, and develop our people; our company's greatest asset ✔ Educate our selling teams and account sales staff about the company's goals, visual merchandising directives, and product knowledge ✔ Provide direction to Account Coordinators and Beauty Advisers regarding company goals and objectives ✔ Formally review job performance for all employees annually ✔ Provide ongoing feedback and coaching to Beauty Advisers

Fashion Consultant at Anthea Crawford

January 2001 - January 2003 | Sydney, Australia

✔ Analyze suitable colors, cuts and designs for the client ✔ Facilitate nonprofit charities to build wardrobes for underprivileged unable to afford services of a stylist ✔ Select clothing, makeup and hairstyle conforming to figure of client and occasion ✔ Decide clothing during photo shoots, fashion shows or any other event ✔ Help people in closet organization and classification of clothing as per occasion ✔ Develop and provide consultancy to customer for sales ✔ Coordinate and help store manager to achieve all fashion related goals ✔ Involve in merchandise display and arrange size wise, brand wise, style wise

Deborah Choma's Education

School of Biological Science

1979 – 1983

Deborah Choma's Interests & Activities

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